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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 4, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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alike. i don't know if i see it the whole way. maybe the personality. i love his name, john. winston. >> i took a survey of the kids. >> will he come on the set and join us? >> if they let dogs in the building. >> thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> making jasper jealous. >> i do see the resemblance. >> kind of. good afternoon, fox news alert day four. republicans came out firing in the shutdown. we are waiting for the fire to be returned from white house. so far neither side is budging. welcome to america's news hkwo. >> happy friday. and i am allyson camerota and no deal and no negotiations and americans are fed up. here is a direct house speaker john boehner a short time ago. >> our goal here was not to shut
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down the government. our goal here was to bring fairness to the people under obama care. i don't believe we should default on our debt. it is not good for our country. but after 55 years of spending more than what you bring in something ought to be addressed. this year we'll have more revenue in the history of our country and have a deficit. and i think the american people expect if we raise the amount of money to borrow, we ought to do something about the spending problem and lack of economic growth in our country. senior white house correspondent is in the white house. >> we are waiting press secretary jay carney's briefing. carne will be asked why the president cancelled his trip and waited so long to do so and ba shing john boehnero hard.
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and whether he agrees with it doesn't matter how long the shut down lasts because we are willing. and he gone bone saying he will not let the government default. the president and vice-president walked to a local sandwich shop. the president may be signaling to tourist that the white house is safe after yesterday's car chase that began here and ended with a woman shot near the capitol. and asked if he was winning? the president said there is no winning with families with no certainty of paying bills. saying i have staff not getting paid. and jay carney said it is threatening the jobs and exports and advancing the u.s.
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leadership. and that of having to cancel the summit in indos innia and brunei. republicans say now that the president has cancelled the trip, let's talk. >> this is a perfect opportunity to begin the noeshgdzs. as a speaker laid out. senior white house administration said it doesn't matter how long we are shut down. i believe it does. >> the white house threatened to veto ten different house bills aimed at funding the government. resuming veterans benefits and reopening the national parks and the like, officials say they need a bill to refund the government. >> wendall. goaler. funny to see the president walking down the street with the vice-president there. so unusual. >> jay carney coming up this hour. there is a new poll. a quarter of the voters accuse republicans and john boehner.
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about the same number point to the president. chris stier wall. how are you doing! did you expect that number to be so close? >> no, the republicans had psyched themselves out and everybody had psyched us out about how bad this is going to be for them. i think it will be bad when the stuff hits home, but right now, when you look at how people are assessing, yes, more republicans points than democrats points but not much. and for the president to be held equally to blame as john boehner, the white house strategy and the white house theory they can wait this out indefinitely and refuse to negotiate is not holding up. >> mike emmanuel said the lack of urgency is striking to them. that suggest it is not a lot
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moving or does it? >> maybe not. mike is right that it is striking. i was up there earlier today and it was a little quiet, but the reason it is quiet, this is weathering this storm. this is weathering the pr storm and getting through. it republicans are starting to gain ground by the nixing of president's trip. he can't go because it would look terrible. can he play golf this weekend? i don't know a president who doesn't like to be stuck in the white house is going to be stuck there. and house republicans feel like they will drag him to the table and boehner is letting members know. we have a couple of weeks to negotiate these things. i will not go over the water fall on the debt limit, but we'll play it out. >> i don't think golf is a good idea. that is just me and they are not asking my advice. the picture the be terrible. >> and we asked in the poll last
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night we asked who they blame for the inefficiencies of congress. te partiers say 71 percent. and democrats 77. and democrats 82 and independents 88. that is equal opportunity blame there. you have the far left and the far right? >> think about this. democrats and republicans think of politics as a 0- sum game and a winner and a loser. we know that is not true. the reality is both can lose. the estimation of government and institution of government can go down for all involved and people can say and the number in the fox news poll on the subject of whose fault is. everybody to 25 percent now and that will drive the president to the table and he cannot engage in what the white flag syndrome and saying it is just beyond me to deal with this and i am going
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to wait for the republicans to do the right thing. i don't hear you saying there will be a deal cut over the weekend. >> not very likely. but do you think that barak obama would veto a bill if it passed the senate? i doubt it. >> chris, thank: >> i always thought golf was a good idea. i didn't know you changed that. >> and illegal imgrants are prosecuted again. the drug smuggling offense will be fully restored after they were limited to the partial government shutdown. only the past three days only immigrant smuggling cases involving death or serious injury and deportations were on the docket. >> there is an investigation of a horrible bus accident that killed eight people in tennessee. they have not sent them to look
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in the crash because of the shut down. a baptist church mourning the deaths of six of his members. it ranged in ages of 62- 95. >> well, so much of a quiet tropical season. the gulf coast is on alert. tropical storm carren swirls in the caribbean and threatening folks from louisiana to florida and heavy rain and storm surge and near hurricane winds. how worried should we all be. our chief meteorologist is live in the fox weather center. >> we have a mild hurricane center and one we are talking about now is carren. we are not talking with a major problem. they are used getting tropical storms and i don't think any chance of it being a hurricane. and that is good news. it is a big blob of storms there. and the center of the storm is
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way off to decide. and it is displaced where you can see and all of the thunderstorms. that is not a good sign and it doesn't have a lot of time left to strengthen. over the weekend, it is making a right hand turn and if makes it and down in the panama city area. it is a weaker storm and in any case it is hurricane status and it moves quickly and it is not prolonged periods of heavy rain. we'll see isolated spots and ten inch was rain and a low storm surge up to four feet or so. and you got to see one other big story going on, a blizzard in the high plains and early october here and active right now in areas of eastern wyoming and parts of the pandhandle of nebraska and areas of the black hills and south dakota.
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enter the 90 is closed and some areas of up to two feet of now and winds of around 50 miles per hour. and severe weather today looking at big destructive tornados in the areas of iowa. >> that is troubling. and thanks for the warning. >> snow in october and where ever carren hits is going to cause damage. 60 or 70 miles per hour. >> sure. you have the government shutdown and spreading in the beaches of normandy and why in the world would that be? >> and a dramatic dash cam shootout. a man with kids in his car pulls out a gun. what happens next. >> a manager accused of misappropriating millions of funds makes his plea in court.
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>> this should have been a routine traffic stop but it was far from it. just watch. >> sir, please get back in the car for me now. i told you, you were speeding. shots, fires, shots fired. >> that was in the state of oregon. the state trooper. pulled him over for speeding and he had three kids in the car. the cop got hit and the trooper was. but that man drove a half mile down the road and found dead
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behind the wheel and his three men found in the car. >> routine traffic stops are most dangerous. >> scary. >> another kas sulty of the government shutdown in a place you may not expect. the cemetery in normandy, france is closed. a fox greg alcott is live from normandy. >> that's right, allyson. we are thousands of miles from wash scombash the government shutdown is having an affect here in the american cemetery in normandy. the site is closed to the public. these gates are locked tight and the graves of the u.s. soldiers on d- day and after. this land was deeded to the u.s. by france and the u.s. is picking up the bill for 50 staffers and temporarily this place is closed down. that's why we are hearing from
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american tourist and veterans that are very disappointed. they planned for the trip and visit for months and years and maybe a lifetime and now they cannot get in. take a listen to what they told us today. should the spirit that was shown here be shoub. >> they died for the freedoms we got and now we can't get in to pay respects. where is that now? where is that ethic? >> they lost touch with what the basics were and what these people gave and sacrifice really is. >> we came all the way to visit this place and you can't get in? >> i hope the politicians back in washington pull themselves together and get the problem solve quickly. >> they cannot see the graves but they can see the beach. the huge expanse of sand that was the killing field back in
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june. two veterans on the beach started to make tongue in cheek their plan to scale and get in the cemeteries to pay respects. americans can't believe it and the french can't believe it and one local said cemeteries are meant to be open. allyson, there are a few other cemeteries open here including one honoring soldiers who died on d- day and after from the german army. one group tour is skipping this place and going there. >> maybe that's the solution for the foreseeable foughture. >> thank you. >> bizarre. new questions on whether the obama administration is easing up the pressure on sanctions regarding iran. a top state department official urging the state department to hold off on sanctions. >> the legislation that is discussed here on the hill, we do believe it would be helpful for you all to at least allow
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this meeting to happen on the 15th and 16th of october before moving forward to consider those new sanctions and the reason i say that is because i want to be able to say to iran, this is -- i am saying here today. they will listen to this. >> this is your opportunity. >> the retired four star general and military analyst is here. how are you doing? >> depend to see you. >> did you see a shift in the message here? >> there is a shift in the message here and i think the administration clearly wants to move a head with the negotiations and diplomacy. and i believe they are susceptible to being hood wink boyd iran. they have lied to us for ten years. viewers should know one thing to happen in the negotiations, the iranians will look in the eye of the diplomats and lie to them about the intentions and it is it a mistake to ease up at all.
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it should be full speed a head. that brought iran out of the corner so to speak. it is the sanctions that are impacting. don't start to concede going to them before we get negotiations going. >> because the sanctions are working and strangling their economy. >> it is having some affect. it is not economic collapse but it is economic set back. and because they have done it in the past quite successfully. they can talk to us and deceive and lie to us and then get us to ease up on the things that we are doing and it is it a successful strategy in the past and they watched the north koreans do it and walked themselves in a nuclear weapon. >> watching north korea for ten years, if you were to agree to lift sanctions, general, what conditions should have to be
10:20 am
met. >> still with us, general. >> i think we lost our connection with the general in washington. wow, that is unusual. that is the most sure thing in the building. phone line to washington d.c. general, we have you back yes or no. clearly we have an issue there. thank goodness we have you back. to go to teheran to get that phone number back. if you were to agree to allow sanctions to be eased, what would the iranians have to do? >> that's the point, bill. i am glad you brought it up. before we would consider any easing of sanctions, what has to take place, one, stop the nuclear development program, dismantle that program. in other words, dismantle the advanced center refuges and highly enriched uranium stock piles we have and uls the underground nuclear facilities that they are hiding the
10:21 am
development of the nuclear weapons should in fact be closed and we should inspect and verify all of that in a time of our choosing some what unannounced to make certain that everything they say is happening and then you can begin to ease sanctions. because you verified something. >> and i know you believe they want the bomb because that is the way the regime holds on to power. glad we got the signal back. jack king, we'll talk to you again. >> i just plugged it back n. >> exactly. >> a former city manager in california facing justice for misappropriating the millions of dollars in public funds and robert rizzo may not be going down a alone. snrgs mother of baby lisa. investigators are launching new efforts to find. look at where that investigation stands today.
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>> one school in california is doing back tracking after forcing the 16-year-old student to take off a national rifle association t- shirt or face disciplinary action. the dress code. prohibits anything with violence. >> considering the hunter to be offensive, why would you not. there are groups who consider
10:26 am
the indian chiefs to be offensive. >> now the shirt does not promote violence. >> hum. >> and still our developments in the corruption case, robert rizzo in bell california pleading no contest to public corruption charges and he plans to testify against his former second in command. trace is all on that in l.a. hello? >> hey, bill. it is important to remember that robert rizzo would go on trial with second in channed. he wants to make a mends to the good citizens of bell and will plead no contest is every bit as good as a guilty plea and now he's going to testify against angela spochy saying she in fact was the mastermind of all of the greed. remember rizzo's composition was a million and spochy making
10:27 am
500,000. they were managing the city. he owned race horses and a ranch in seattle. he will agree to a 10 or 12 year prison term but means he will serve 5 or 6 and he will pay 3.2 million in restitution and now he's broke, bell will not get that money either. but his attorney said he feels great about the plea, watch. >> he is remorseful. he is relieved he will not be in trial and he can accept responsibility publicly and openly and express to the public at large, that you know, he understands that there should have been more transparency under his leadership than was. >> as for angela spachia. her legal strategy is same as risio. and she will blame him as mastermind and reaction in city of bell is mixed.
10:28 am
one city city member wanted more answers, listen. >> i am excited to hear that this individual admitted guilt and admitted he committed crimes against the city of bell. i am disappointed not to go to trial. i wanted to find out what he did to my city. >> risso is facing federal charges and chance he could serve in state and federal prison. but he wants the people of bell to know he's 0 for ripping them off. >> thank you, trace. we'll watch that. >> and trace in los angeles. >> the political wrangling over the partial shut down now is the october surprise in a red hot governor's race. is this a sign of things to come? >> day four of obama care and what we are learning about the law already. we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the
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10:33 am
depression. >> and attorneys for the alleged witnesses say clients have received subpeonas to appear in superior court. philener who resigned and could face criminal charges there. >> new world record for the most bufrjjee jumps. the australian taking 21 hours to complete 150 jumps. >> he will never see straight again. >> he is still dizzy. >> a man with nothing to do. >> and october surprise in the governor's race in nearby virginia, polls are tight between democrat mccolow and republican. and they are trying to link each other to the political crisis in washington. we have more on that today,
10:34 am
carl. >> hi, bill. it matters. 800,000 furloughed federal workers most of them vote here in virginia. there is a political ramification in the ballot box. it is always a tremendous debate about the merits of the affordable act. the republican nominee for governor was first to file suit against obama care and that's the battle. earlier this week he took the first shot with a radio advertisement in which he pacifically argues that it is it a sad thing that the government shutdown but all on the democrats. >> dealing a plow to thousands of virginia families all because politicians failed to find solutions and terry mcculllough deserves part of the blame.
10:35 am
>> he argued that mr. mucculough should speak out and renegotiate obama care. the democrats responded with two radio ads of its own saying that the cusinnili has explaining to do. there is an adin which he thoughts his appreciation and support for ted cruz who championed the idea only funding if obama care is defunded. in a sort time. mr. cuccinelli will meet with health care doctors and nurses to talk about obama care. it is unpopular in a variety of the regions of the state and tomorrow he will be campaign nothing virginia alongside ted cruz. they will be side by side and what mr. colluogh is doing too
10:36 am
try to say they are in a liiance. in virginia we'll know in the ballot box. >> carl cameron. >> and it is a bumpy week for obama care. we'll look at the headlines. on opening day. cbs news wrote health plagued by crashes on first day. new york times million was poor are left unaffected bite health care low. and day three. glitches persist in obama care sign ups. and today bloomberg head line. obama care window shoppers meet bottle neck in slow sign up. let's debate how it has gone. allen combes and tony is a fox news contributor. ntony, how dow rate the first week. what grade?
10:37 am
>> obviously an f. the failure of the law to be implemented was predicted by democrats. the author of obama care in the senate said the implementation would be a train wreck and even the president and surrogates said apple iphone launch you had technical glitches and google launch you had glitches. and look at california. largest state. 0, enrolled this week in obama care and 645,000 visited the site on line and shut down twice because of system failures. and in california, you will see what we know is going to happen. big insurance companies not participating. united health care and a etna. that is why in california insurance prem yups are going up 14 percent for the people going to the exchanges. it is it a failure. >> first of all the president wanted a public plan which the
10:38 am
republicans rejection. look behind them. it was it glitches and nothing to do with the law itself. and second headline was new york times and that was about how republican states were having problems because they were not participating in the exchanges. >> you are right, allen. you are right about that. shouldn't obama care been the safety net for people who couldn't get medicaid? >> wait a second, these states all wanted local control. conservative want local control and the federal government said local control and you states and institute them and do them. >> that's not what they say. >> that's what they say. and florida rejected 51 billion to expand medicaid and they are proud television. and speaker of the house in florida are proud of that. and they are rejecting federal money. >> why obama care allen. if it is not working for the people who need. it >> you don't know that. and how can you say when it is not instituted yet.
10:39 am
>> this is not fair. this is really not fair. those headlines have to do with how republicans got in the way from it being implemented and per request of the republican governors. per that request it went to. it went to the states. >> okay, okay, go a head tony. >> i am glad you brought that up, tony. what obama care does to expand the medicaid problem and largest sign item. they are drawning in debt and bankruptcy because of medicare costs. the supreme court in the united states in ruling it unconstitutional said states could decide whether or not they participate. harry reid did. and democratic leader did. and two senators whose votes they needed. >> we remember. and they were sweetheart deals
10:40 am
that did what? subsidicize expansion of medicare and medicaid. >> it is those states that are not accepting federal money. >> very quickly in terms of this week with obama care, numbers seem to be wildly inflated by states. california claimed 5 million visitors. >> one person made a mistake and said 5 million and that was corrected. >> they are still doing it. get the whole story out here. there was 700,000 people going to make. and one guy apologizes and almost a million people went to the exchanges. >> and 345,000 and according to the los angeles times. it is hard to get the numbers, allen. >> that's an it problem. >> let's separate the issue of the law itself works versus
10:41 am
technical issues on line which are not the same thing. >> move away from customer service and can we talk about why the law is failing? young people are not enroll negligent exchanges that are necessary? >> allen count comment on that. >> it hasn't been a week and you are declaring it a failure before it began. it is not a week yet. >> you both made great ponents. tony, allen. we'll see what future weeks bring. >> there will be real data and numbers and information that we work week to week and month to month to see how. >> until november. >> the administration will not release those until november. >> until then continued debate. nrenewed focus on baby list a. two years to the day. we are learning and her mother broke her si license. >> we'll do anything. i mean, there is nothing in the
10:42 am
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>> coming up next, the real story, what is up, grechen? >> hi, guys, some claim that the tea party i jacketed the gochlt i will ask what they have to say about. that and should we fire police officers for swearing and what the cops have to say about that and one major company banning miniskirts. flip flops, too and that is not far enough. much more in the top of the hour. >> don't touch my baseball hat. >> see you later. . it gripped the nation two years ago today. a child american came to know as
10:46 am
baby lisa disappeared from the crib. the parents claimed there was an intruder and now there is a new image of what baby lisa may look like as a three-year-old and her brother breaks the silence in an emotional interview. >> i think she is with a family and loved and you don't take a baby to hurt her, you just don't. human trafficking is real. >> i have always felt like she is okay and that she is going to come home. i never lost that home or that faith. >> mark joins us now. a former homicide detector. it is two years and tragic cases there is a flurry of media attention when the child goes missing and then the media turns the attention to other stories, what happened in the past two years, are there any new leads?
10:47 am
>> i think the police department is probably made or remake contact with deborah bradley and came out with the progression photoquite possibly to stimulate interest and generate movement in the case. due diligence they revisit possible homicide cases and that's what this is. a possible would case. and deborah bradley still has not answered the questions that the police had for her for the >> you maintained that deborah bradley knows hear than she is saying and involved in the child's disappearance. why do you think that? >> look at her story which was flawed many times in many ways from the beginning and in fact megyn kelliy did a interview on tv, she changed the time line and admitted she was drunk during the time or period that the baby was probably taken.
10:48 am
you have several items that have not been adjudicated in this. a cadaver dog's keying on location in the bed room and the issue with the polygraph and the time line and drinking and the neighbors and the absence of any evidence that another human being other than the family was in the house. no dna or trace evidence or foot prints and no finger prints and nothing. deborah bradley has been quiet and now broke her silence and spoke out to the fox affiliate in kansas city. and said there were no cadaver dogs and the media got that wrong and she did okay on the polygraph whatever that means and in your experience, do these age progression photosometimes lead to new leads? >> well, i think that science is
10:49 am
gotten leaps and bounds with the technology we have with the computers, but one key issue. pole grav. i did okay. inconclusive is not okay. my experience when suspects take polygraphs, it does not benefit me to tell them they did badly or failed or passed sometimes. it is better to leave that hang nothing the air until there is evidence to corob bait. that is a tool and every detective knows they cannotous that in a court of law or an arrest warrant or search warrant. it is a tool and seems in this case, she was never told she passed it and never told she was inconclusive and she was never told she failed it. >> and mark correct me if i am wrong. the partners always refused to do interviews with authorities
10:50 am
separately. they have done interviews together. is there nothing that police can do to force them to be interviewed separately and see if their stories jive? >> you don't have to to do them separately and see if the sto stories jive together? >> you don't have to talk to police. you focus on yourself as being a suspect and she is clearly the suspect. there is not one thing she has ever done from the beginning that does not shift that focus from a suspect. and you know, obviously, when you have a family member that is close, no evidence of an outside intruder or suspect, you have to clear the family first. the father was cleared. there was nobody else in the house. she has not been cleared. >> mark furman thank you for the update. let's hope that this new photo can make a break.
10:51 am
>> is life saving research now on hold because of dc gridlock. >> and what high school football player makes the play of a lifetime. >> watch this. go man. ♪
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many americans say they are not feeling any impact from the new government shutdown. nearly 6 in 10 americans do not think it hits them or their families very much. >> does that matter if so how much? dr. mark seigal is it too much to say whether this means life or death now?
10:55 am
>> this is very serious. there was a motion passed in the house to restore the funding to the nih. we are talking 200 patients a weeks that come for life-saving treatments nih has a hospital called the house of hope. sometimes there is nowhere else to go but to the nih. three quarters of the employees are on furlough. you can't get through to them. everyone is on furlough. this is a serious matter. even therapy dogs are involved. and it extends to grants bill, all around the country. people applying for new grants. they did reopen clinic clinicaltrials.grof. but th but that is not the same thing as getting treatment. >> they protected you yesterday but they can't tomorrow.
10:56 am
microbes other threats didn't shut down we are less safe. >> he doesn't me this lightly. the cdc just came out with a big study about resistant bacteria that is out there. they need every employee that they can get. they often consider that they don't get enough respect. this is the kind of agency that should never shout dout down. >> thank you. in a moment here that unbelievable high school football play that they practice all the time, right? ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be,
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so an amazing two-point conversion. roll it. the quarterback finds himself in trouble. so what do you do? you throw it up in the air. it's gone.
11:00 am
he caught it. he did it. that is right are. i think that should count as another touchdown. >> i understand your logic. but in this case it is only two point. >> i'm going to give him 7. >> hey, have a great weekend. >> okay. you too. >> here is gretchen. bye-bye. >> welcome everyone to the "real story" day for of the budget mess. now the state department says it means our embassies around the world may not be protected. and a major storm headed our way. support staff and non -essentia personnel being sent home. plus a woman stripped naked after a drunk driving arrest joins us. it iti


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